My goal was simple, provide a quick and easy solution for developing dynamic web sites with minimal effort.

After years of using frameworks such as RoR, Cake, Akelos, etc. .. I realized that was not what I needed for some projects, although these are excellent frameworks, but some are very complicated to perform very simple tasks.

The general idea of this was to make a small MVC framework for a personal project, the goals was to make it easy to create views and code it without the mess, and without sacrificing the flexibility of the "traditional" php way. I've found that other systems try to hide as much as possible the "traditional" way of programming in php, that is good for some things, but this was not my intension, i just want to add an order in a very simple way to my projects.

This framework does not have a pre-made login system, not even have an implemetacion of plugins, it does not have many other things that abound in others, my intension was not to recreate what already exists, but to bring the benefits of an MVC framework in a very simple way. I hope you find it useful.. ;)


The source is hosting on github. Download.


If you have any question, send me an email to

phpLightMVC is released under the LGPL license. • Created by Alvaro Talavera.